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Register Now for Share Market Derivatives and Option Trading Startegies workshop

Workshop Date: Mar 30 & 31, 2019

Fee Rupees 6000 Early Bird Discount Rs 500 if Registered Before 2pm 29th March 2019

Location:Benchmarq Learning, 57, RVG Hostel, Lallubhai Shamaldas Road, Bharucha Baug, Parsi Colony, Andheri west, Mumbai 400058

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Share Market Option Trading Strategies Workshop:

Stock Market is place where every newcomer comes with a expectations to change his her fortune very bright however majority end up experiencing a nightmare.

The first and foremost reason for failure is failed to learn the dynamics before trying the same because of the greed and eagerness to make it big and make it fast. In Share Market generally people start swimming before learning the same. However it’s only after loss of Capital few realizes the need to learn and few start maintaining distance saying its wrong, bad and not cup of his or her tea.

However, practically if one wan’t to make money from money shares is one among the best way. In today’s scenario Big money is possible only through shares may it be of your own company or somebody else. Large Scale organization culture is where entire civilization is moving because of economies of scale. D-Mart for that matter is better than Kirana Store the very reason given it operates on scale with the economies of scale it brings on table good quality products at best price.

If you invest in Share you become owners of the Company and if the Company makes profit you will also be benefitted. Thus, when you buy Shares think, as if buying Business. Instead of thinking this business is good better than mine has more money or I am into job want to be businessmen because in business there is more money its very easy go and buy shares of the Business you thing make more sense or you would like to start. You will reap all benefits of business with the same. Thus, the saying goes “Buy Right and Sit Tight”.

However it’s easy said than done. Many people lost money in shares investment also because of the wrong selection of stock, wrong entry and exit times. Emotional greed and fear various reason. The solution to this all problems is to learn before you Invest or before you take decision to enter into Share Market.

Last but not the least as the saying of Warrant Buffet:
“The best investment you can make, is an investment in yourself…
The more you learn, the more you will earn.”

Before we explain further details about Share Market Learning Workshops we conduct let us explain why us for this workshop? The reason our trainer is a person who is one among many, who has learned the same hard way after trying and testing everything. The thing which made sense to the trainer is complied in our learning curriculum. The aforesaid content is also designed by the trainer if you thing it touches to your heart and matches your experience do join and experience, you will be more than happy for the money and time invested. Also the workshops are very simple and logical nothing complex to work-on.

We have two programs as follows related to Stock Market at minimal price which will help you understand the basics of Market.

Sr. no. Particulars Fees
1 Basics Workshop on Stock Market 3000
2 Advanced workshop on Stock Market Derivatives and Option Trading Strategies 6000

Curriculum- Basics of Stock Market:
1. Share as Instrument of Investment.
2. Information about various Indexes Nifty, Sensex etc.
3. Various Terminologies used in Markets.
4. Different aspects of Markets.
5. Methods of Analysis of Shares.
6. Practical Trading session.
7. Basics of Derivatives

Curriculum: Basics of Derivatives and Options Trading Strategies:
Golden Opportunity to learn PRACTICAL Derivatives and Option trading skills!
Workshop will sharpen your skills on non-directional strategies which will train you to make consistent returns from all kinds of markets- falling, rising or sideways. No technical analyses required, No prediction of market, No software required. (If software can make money, all IT guys should have made fortune in stock market!)
The program details are as follows:
Contents of 1 day workshop:
1 Basics of Derivatives / Options Trading
2 Explanation of - Stock Options, Index Options, Option Premium, Expiration date, Strike Price, In the Money Options & Out of the money options, Intrinsic & Time value of options, Volatility
3 Option Greeks- Delta, Theta, Gama, Vega & Rho
4 Open interest
5 Factors affecting Option premium
6 Software to Calculate Delta of each strike price of an option
7 Delta Neutral Formation
8 Margin money calculations
9 Minimising Brokerage charges
10 Calculation of Rate of Returns (R.O.R) on your investments

Trading strategies with detailed explanation and pay off schedules/Profit loss possibilities/Margins required.
1 Special Strategies for Events like Budget, Quarterly/Annual Results, Policy announcements by R.B.I & Expiry etc.
2 Guidelines on money management.